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I just keep thinking about what might have been...I never thought about Marcia dying before me...I can't seem to put her things away...I just left them on the kitchen table as if she was coming back...I washed her bedding and all her clothes to be ready for her but now I don't even have anything with her scent on them...I miss her sooo might sound funny but I miss holding her small warm hand when we cross the street...I hope she did all she wanted to do...Dad says he feels guilty for not doing more with Marcia...I tend to agree with him on that a retired person he had more time than I did as a working sister Linda always felt that I was asking too much of I don't think so..,.yes she was hard to keep track of when she went out with anyone, but that shouldn't have stopped him from at least taking her to the store or out for a little lunch...THANK YOU