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Who works?

I've lived for years with chronic pain, but I'm limited in what I can take due to my job. [REMOVED], and can't risk even the possibility of any impairment from pain meds. I had a ruptured disc a few years ago, and though it was repaired I still have pain each and every day. Not working is not an option. Disability would not begin to cover our expenses. I simply have no choice. I have to work.

I have to admit I feel jealous and angry when I see people who are on disability with bad backs, and I have to work every day with mine. (I'm not saying this to diss anyone here at all..but I want to be honest). I have a couple of coworkers who have special "easy" assignments (they also have back problems) when I take a full assignment for fear of losing my job if I make waves (some of these co-workers ARE in jeopardy of losing their jobs).
I'm especially angry when I see a patient who is in for "pain control" when I'm out there busting my behind 40+ HOURS A WEEK with the same injury/problem.

Meds make me really drowsy and nauseated, so I can only take something at night, and not often. Besides, any possibility of impairment is very dangerous in the nursing profession. I just get through each day the best I can.

So, who out there works while on pain meds, or while in pain? How can I get over my resentment of those who don't work? I have a good friend who "can't work", but engages in strenuous physical activities with her family and kids (sports, building an addition to her house, grocery shopping etc), while I struggle to get out of bed each day to go to work. Yet she's disabled, and I'm not.

I suppose there is no good answer to this anyway. I'll just shut up and listen to what ya'll have to say.

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