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Re: Question about Stage IV...anyone PLEASE HELP!

Andrea, first I would like to say I'm sorry for everything you are going thru. It is very scary. My daughter had a liposarcoma removed from her thigh (at age 24) 2 years ago followed by 7 weeks radiation. I'm not sure on the treatment for leo, but I think your doctor is right. They usually just watch the spots. Get a second opinion if your not sure. Are you near a sarcoma center? That's where she should be seen by a specialist in the field. Call the American Cancer Society to see where the nearest one is. I know alot of websites you
can go to but we aren't allowed to share them on this site. Do not think of her as a statistic and to me a doctor can not put a time frame on someone's life. Miracles do happen. Please let me know what happens, I will be thinking of all of you, Dyana