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Re: Question about Stage IV...anyone PLEASE HELP!

YES! I definitely agree with getting a second ..or third opinion..and in a way, I guess this is considered a second opinion..the original doctor that she had in Terre Haute, IN suggested Chemo to her a year ago...that is when she did seek a second opinion and came to Indianapolis to see one of the areas leading cancer doctors..whom, we were only able to get into because he is a client of my husband (who is a personal trainer) at the time, he suggested AGAINST chemo..and obviously that made us feel better about getting a second opinion..however, here we are a year later..and now he too is advising we are wondering if getting the second opinion a year ago and deciding not to do chemo at that time was the right thing to do..we may have just worsened the issue by waiting a year..we are not sure!?