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Re: Vertical crack in tooth, anyone?

Thank you so much for your replies. I did some research on the net after I posted my question and it seems that it is v. hard/impossible to repair a vertical crack that's gone below the gum line. A horizontal one can be done with root canal and crown (as I know!!!) but not vertical. If vertical can be done at all, it has to be within 2 days of the crack occurring, and it sounds quite a tricky procedure which may not work anyway. I guess that if the crack's gone down the root, it's not stable enough for a crown or may still get infected.

The tooth is definitely spreading - I can feel it - and slightly loose. It doesn't actually hurt, but I can understand that it could easily get horribly infected. I've made my appointment, anyway. I will ask again to make sure it really can't be repaired. Either way, he assures me 'it's a simple procedure and nothing to worry about'. I feel calmer about it anyway. Wish me luck!

Thanks! :-) M
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