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Re: 11-yr old daughter won't wear bra

Originally Posted by Dark Stranger
I never liked wearing bras when I had to start wearing them, and even now, at 18, I can't stand wearing the "normal" kinds, with the clips or the wires because they irritate my skin (I wear sports bras). I remember being about 11 or 12 and pushing my bra up onto my upper chest just so I wouldn't need to feel them pressing against my breasts. Hey I was still wearing them...but no one said I had to wear them properly, right?

I'm also going to venture a guess that, once people start making comments to her about bouncing around, she might decide that she wants to "limit her freedom", so to speak. I say to just give it time. With young girls who choose to abstain from bras, sometimes the only way to prompt them to wear a bra is to let themselves get embarrassed when they don't wear one and people start making remarks behind their backs. Don't worry about it a whole lot - one day, your daughter will come up to you and ask when she can go bra shopping again.

Has she tried those tanktops with the built-in bras? Or don't they have bras now that are just cups (with some kind of adhesive tape)? If all else fails, your daughter can always stretch a piece of duct tape across her chest.

This got me chuckling so much!! I thought my daughter was the ONLY one that'd think to push them high like that! It used to irritate me so much because you could see it through her shirt! HAHAHA! Im so glad you shared that!

Now the 7 yr old HAD to have a bra.. then again she is overly girly. They're ALL different!