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Re: 11-yr old daughter won't wear bra

Maybe it's simply a sensory issue of some sort. I have Asperger's, so I know all about that. I'm VERY picky about my clothes, so when I found a training/sports bra that I liked at age 10, I wore them until about my junior year. (Luckily, I don't have that big of a chest.) Those got ratty, so my mom found me some that were the same style, and I've been wearing those for the last four years or so. I think it's more that she doesn't feel comfortable with the sensation of the bra, not that she doesn't want to wear it. My mom used to say that I wanted to wear clothes so that it would feel like I wasn't wearing any. I used to run around without any clothes when I was really little. Even now, I need clothes that aren't constricting in ANY way. So the bras that I have do the trick. I can't feel them, and I even sleep in them most of the time. Maybe your daughter just needs special material or something.
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