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Feeling like I'm choking. HELP!!!!!

I have just started experiencing a new symptom to my already long list of digestive/stomach related problems.
Sometimes when I eat or drink something the back of my throat feels like its closing off and I'm going to choke. It feels like the is a knot at the back of my throat and sometimes I can feel it in my ears deep down inside my ears and behind my nose in the back of my throat.
The knotted up feeling goes away after a while. There is not one certain thing that I eat or drink. But when I try to drink something to make it go away it does for a moment as soon as I take a swallow but then it comes right back.
I also have these intense stomach cramps that come out of nowhere in my lower stomach and make me double over then I have to rush to the bathroom go go before I have an accident.
I have been diagnosed with mild colitis and possibly IBS, the doctor not sure about IBS for sure.
I have had an ultrasound of the gallbladder, my gallbladder couldn't be seen so now he wants a Hida scan. Could my gallbladder be not functioning correctly?
I always have gas and I'm either burping or passing gas.
I don't have hearburn or GERD that I know of. Sometimes I get sick at my stomach and bloat up really big and huge for a while after I eat.
I sometimes bloat up like a balloon after even a small bite of food.
Any advice you can give me I would soooo much appreciate!

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