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Lightbulb Long term memory loss-Dilantin?

I have a similar question about memory loss but it is not short term memory..Well I should say not ONLY short term memory. I started having seizures after my 13th bday. they did all the fun tests and they ruled out Epilepsy but just stated that I have a "seizure disorder" I had about 4 or 5 seizures(full blown seizures not sure what the technical name is)the they found a dose of Dilantin to stop them. Needless to say they have increased the dosage after blood tests read at 3, and my Dr would like to stay at 12...(did even have a seizure at 3) but anyway on to my question- I have been on Dilantin forgoing on 12 years now, and have noticed I sometimes have short term memory loss, but the one that scares me the most is the long term memory loss..Im turning 25 in August and I feel I have the memory of someone diagnosised with Alzheimers!I know as you get older you tend to "forget"some memories that happened, but for instance, someone asked me what time my kids where born and I honestly could not answer them. I knew they were both in the middle of the night but the exact time? couldnt tell ya! Those are things EVERY mother remembers!Thats just one example, believe me, I could go on-does anyone else have this problem?Could it be related to long term use of Dilantin? PLEASE reply if you have this problem or know of someone who does! Thank you
ps-sorry this was so long

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