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Re: what's with the freakin word "diet"?????

hey..i know what your talking currently recovering from anorexia (im usually on the eating disorder recovery boards).i usually come to the diet and nutrition boards so i can learn how to put on good weight from healthy nutritious foods to nourish my body because right now im a little malnourished from the anorexia. i hate reading about everything you just said, "low carb, high protien, no meat, toooooo much fruit, not enough fruit, not enough water, more diary, cut claories, eat only 1200 cals." first of all, right now to me, it kinda sends little triggers, like the 1200cals thingy blows my mind because my nutritionist has me on 2400 calories!! (if you want to loose weight people, there's another board for that!! the moderator even posted "this is not a weight loss board") second, i dont understand why people cant just eat when their hungry and stop when they're full but in the process eat healthy foods? ya know? I think worst thing that ever happened to america was fast, processed junky foods because people are so stupid with it. like you said, we should be like the french and eat those foods in moderation and eat everything elese healthy. well sorry if i was starting to ramble but just know that your not alone....