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Re: Feeling like I'm choking. HELP!!!!!

Today I had a new symptom. I really thought my throat was closing off and I was going to choke.
I came in from work today and made myself a glass of chocolate milk.
I guess I swallowed too much at one time or swallowed too hard because the back of my throat felt like it was stretching itself out just to get the milk down and then I had this horrible lump on each side of the back of my throat that made me feel like something was stuck there and I was going to choke for about 15 minutes. It doesn't matter what I drink, milk, water, juice or whatever I get that feeling and it scares me to death!
It is on the sides and down the back of my throat where I get this feeling, not below my adams apple where I have read some people feel a lump after they eat or drink.
Does anyone else get this feeling?