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Originally posted by Draven7:
I just found out a couple of days ago that I am pregnant. I also have epilepsy, I'm on a medication called Lamictal. I'm so confused about what I'm going to do. On the one hand I really want to keep the child, but I want to make sure that my medication hasn't had any negative effects on the fetus. Then again on the other hand maybe I shouldn't keep it, because how can you be sure of anything? I'd love to keep this child, but it was a surprise and I don't know if I'm prepared, I'd want to give it everything in the world. I'm so confused! Help!
hi ! :-) congratulations on your up coming baby -that is if you keep it. I have had four (4) children with out problem's of any kind from my medicine-i did go off it for the time i was pregant-but went right back on it after delivery. My children are now grown and have their own children and so i am a grandma as well to 5 g kids. ranging from age 13 to on the way. I have been taking dilatin every since i was 16 yrs old and at one time i also was taking phenobaratal as well-but they took me off of that after i was on it for years (A-22) Ask your doctor about your concerns -and god does work on a time table just like the rest of us -thing is he is just better at it than we its time for you to start mother hood -have a great time with the new little one,and do not worry so much- your doctor can tell you all you need to know-and hey if you need to you can take a few classes on how to take care of a new born. they are lots of work and the pay is--(not there) but the rewards are wonderful. and when they are all grown up you can sit back and remember when they were young.ive had seizures since i was 16 -i am now 43 yrs old. and i wouldnt trade my life for any one eles no matter how great it was.i have enjoyed the trip so far-its been rf here and there but you can make it thought it i am sure,so is god other wise you would'nt be writing to us about being pregant. enjoy mom hood, grab it by the horns and hold on your going for the ride of your life and it is so cool. :-) camie