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Re: PET/CT Results

I have to say reading through all of these posts has been the most therapuetic thing I have done since learning my 33 year old brother has peritoneal meso. He was diagnosed in March and just had cytoreduction surgery in DC 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately even after the procedure he is still classified as a C3 and was just told today there are also cancer cells in a few lymph nodes which they had not seen with meso.

He will have to have chemo when he heals to try to stave off the cancer in the nodes but they are not making any statements about prognosis. We have been told he has a 50% chance of being alive in 5 years but that dropped after surgery and node problem. Has anyone read about longevity in meso patients with metastisized cancer?

You are all wonderful people to be able to put yourself, your feelings and concers out there for eberyone to consume. It helps to know we are not the only family struggling with this horrendous disease.

Look foward to hearing back,