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Unhappy Re: Singing voice affected by adenoids?

Really? Tonsils, eh? See, my voice sound sort of muffled to me when I hear it on tape but in my head when I sing it sounds alright...the effect is lesser when speaking as opposed to singing. It's always been like this, and I've never liked it. I refuse to sing in front of anyone even though I LOVE singing cause of it.

It sort of sounds throaty-nasal but not 100% nose nasal, if that makes any sense, and yeah I don't have much power/projection. I've never had lessons either though, so that could be because of that, who knows? *shrug* My tonsils have never been a problem though...nobody's ever commented on them being big or anything. I'm 27 now and you'd think they'd have noticed the few times I've had Tonsilitis in my life.

Also, it feels when I sing like I've got nasal congestion but I don't, it feels like there's congestion or constriction right back deep in the nose/throat.

I dunno.