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Lightbulb Angina threshold - why does it change?

Can anyone help on this?
I find that when I exercise there is a point where chest pressure becomes quite noticeable - for me that's when pressure becomes pain and I halt the exercise. However, the amount of exercise I can do up to that point varies greatly from day to day (or every few days - not sure exactly). Some days I can do say 1000 steps on my treadmill and I have to stop and other days I can do 2 or 3 times as many and even then the pressure/pain is not that bad that I have to stop. (They are my "great" days.)
I wondered if it was stress or exercise (ie my fitness on the day) that varied it - I just can't fathom it at all. From what I can see stress doesn't seem to be doing it, or diet either, as my diet is more or less steady. (But I do mix in a few different herbs from time to time.)
I can't believe my plaque levels are going up and down every few days.
But it comes down to this - either the artery walls are flexing differently, or the response of my heart to the blood in the arteries is different.
I think it must be my blood chemistry (liver function maybe?) because nothing else adds up.
Maybe someone has tried things like CoQ10 or Carnitine, or even a herb, and noticed a similar effect. (I wondered about Vitamin C, or niacin.)
If we could get an idea of what's doing it, it might be a start to exercising more and feeling better. Am I the only one?

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