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I think I get a funny smell. I think it is like burnt popcorn or something. It all happens so fast that it is hard for me to remember much. I do have the smell after a seizure for some time & that is how I finally figured out what it smelt like. I have a 7 year old dog that I swear knows when I am going to have one too. He acts very funny & walks circles around me & most of the time he is right. There have been a few times that he has dones this & I have gotten into the floor & layed there forever & nothing ever happen. My husband & I just laugh about it as soon as we realize I am going to be OK. I think that I might mumble things before I have one also. Not to sure but I think I have been told that I do that, but then again, I mumble all the time to myself so that could just be me in my "normal" state LOL! I hope this was some help for you. Good luck & take care.


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