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Mine generally start with de-javu,but sometimes it's a word,or smell,or metal taste,or my eyes go blurred as If my vision can't take It all in.My left arm hurts,and a sick feeling rising from my abdomen,I think you all know what the sick feeling Is like,It's the worse feeling I've ever had.I also get a bad headache,then sometimes snap out of It and sometimes not..I try to fight It but It alway's win's.The light flickering through railings while moving past them can send me.Just lately I have been waking up with my teeth and jaw hurting so bad from clenching my teeth,God knows what's going on.Marilyn,you say you feel Beth is undernourished,It's just a thought but when I lifted weights,I drunk a supplement every morning,these have most vitamins and minerals in also protein and carbs,they mix in a shaker and taste great.Just a thought.hope you are all as well as can be expected.