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hello agian everyone,
I have had tle,all my life.When I was young I didn't know any better,and thought It was normal to go dizzy and have blurred vision,and the stomach trouble.I was used to seeing epilepsy though,because my sis,has grand-mals.I didn't connect this with what I have.I've mentioned In other post's that the neuro wondered If I was forceps delivered,because In England at that time It was common to use them,so he must have considered,the notion that the forceps may have damaged my brain.Anyway the cat scan showed nothing,maybe epilepsy just runs In my family.As for meds I was on tegretol,at first but I asked for something else,as they made me feel ill,and my hair started to thin out.I am now on lamictal,the only trouble I am having Is with my teeth,I don't know whether It's the lamictal or not but I didn't have any problems before I took them.I know you are worried about her future,but look at It this way,there are a lot of us here on this board,we are of various age groups,some are a lot worse off than me,but we are still here fighting on.I have worked and raised a family and that's without medication!,so If I can do it anyone can. (I don't know how my family put up with me lol),I am no doctor but I have heard of siezures getting worse,and I have heard of siezures declining.My siezures haven't changed much over the years except I started getting aggressive at work and forgetting thing's,also I was having more siezures,this Is when I went to seek help.Everyones different so even though those of us with tle,may have simmilarities,we probably have a lot of differences too.I never know when they are coming,It just happen's that quick for me,a word a sound a taste,maybe a piece of music,light,and dej-vu.My mood changes very quick,maybe that Is a sign,I don't know.I didn't even know what i was having were siezures,because I thought epilepsy was just falling down and shaking.My wife said to me one day "you have epilepsy"(she used to be a nurse),I didn't believe her but It turns out she was right.Hope I've answered your questions,If not remind me.

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