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Unhappy Another question for Jennifer about pain after filling

I apologize for posting very similar content twice, but I realized my other posting would likely be lost in the the other thread so here it goes:

About three weeks ago, I had three cavities filled. 1 in the left side of my upper jaw, and two next to each other in the left side of my lower jaw. Suffice it to say that the doctor who did it was an idiot. Despite one of the lower cavities being quite deep, she did not put enough insulation and my nerve got pounded for 9 days. Finally, I was seen by her superior, he removed the fillings, placed insulation and replaced new fillings. This procedure was very painful and I was sure it would do the trick, but it hasn't. The doctor prescribed ibuprofen 800 mgs to handle the pain. That worked (and still does) until the effect of the medicine goes away.

I went back a couple of days later because of pain and one of the fillings was high and he fixed it and said this might be causing the pain. I went back again a couple of days after that because the pain was still there, and he placed something using some sort of gun which made a couple of beeping sounds. He told me this would help calm the pain while the nerve heals. Now I was really sure this would do the trick, but it hasn't either.

Since the time the head doctor put the fillings I guess I have improved. At that point I took ibuprofen every 6 hours, and now I manage to wait 8 hours. When I wake up in the morning I have no pain and can usually wait 2 - 3 hours after waking up to take ibuprofen for a total of 10 - 11 hours without medication. But at some point the pain comes back with a vengeance. It mostly hurts in my left jaw and spreads to my brain, to the inner side of my front teeth, almost everywhere on that side of my face. When the pain is a little mild (due to the effects of the ibuprofen) I can pin point the pain to a spot where the teeth with fillings in my lower jaw meet. But I can't see anything else going on there. It sort of feels like a cut, but I can't see one.

The doctor told me the gums looked fine and tapped my teeth several times and though it hurt, it really did not dramatically increase the pain. As long as I have pain relievers I can wait for a few months until the nerve heals, but if the nerve is dying then I want to fix it, pronto! I have had no bad breath and my gums don't look different, nor is there pus anywhere around. I did suddenly develop a random pain when I swallow (maybe sign of an infection or my nerves playing tricks on me). And it definitely hurts when I drink something cold and sometimes with something hot. I have not taken antibiotics.

Well, I think this is all my story. I apologize for the length, but I am really frustrated. It hurts a whole lot and I really don't know what to do.


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