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Not normal stress . . . hugs please

I am completely stressed out. Not for normal reasons, however. Here's the story in a nutshell.

I work at Barnes and Noble. I started at store #1 and had a great time, love the job. A random guy comes up to me and wants recommendations. Not uncommon. He is a scruffy guy, bigger, wearing a big coat, and very gross looking. He says he wants romance recommendations. I take him to our staff recommendations bay. He starts joking about suicide and how funny it is. I leave. He follows me. He follows me every day I work. All around the store. He watches me. He gets our stool things and looks over the bookshelves at me. Creepy.

THe managers say they can't really do anything about it because he isn't doing anything "wrong." But, they enforce new rules where when the guy enters the store I have to be with another employee at all times. Just for safety. He doesn't stop so they give me about a week off. Apparently, he comes in, gets mad and says something bad to a cafe worker. They get to kick him out. He doesn't return. Life is good.

Fast forward several months to now. I just transferred about a month ago to a new store for more hours (I was only getting 6 hours a week at the other one). I love it. I just got comfortable here.

Stalker guy is back. I informed all my manager's about it. But it's happening again. They say they can't just kick him out because he's "watching" me and "following" me around. They did tell me they wouldn't let anything happen to me though. And I don't want to leave Barnes and Noble. I have a future there.

But, this is so stressful and scary and horrible. He's a horrible man, gross looking, and in my opinion, he LOOKS like a child molestor or murderer or rapist, or something. He's just nasty. And he has zeroed in on me once more. I thought it was over.

Last time, he was ruining my life. I lost all freedom at work as well as at home. I couldn't walk down the road or down an isle at Wal-Mart without glancing over my shoulder just to make sure. One little noise would make me jump a mile high. I could barely be left home alone with out freaking out. Every noise caused my heart to skip a beat.

And here we go again.

I can easily pinpoint my fibromyalgia getting worse with all of this. Who's wouldn't? But it's starting again. And the pain and fatigue are getting worse. I think I have nightmares, but I don't remember them.

It's also very depressing. And tiring.

And all that just doesn't help my pain.

And the pain doesn't help all of that . . .
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