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Re: Not normal stress . . . hugs please


That is horrifying. Sorry but I cannot post long have to run but it seems like you could go to the police with this one or something. This guy is following you around from store to store. He really has nerve or si "CRAZY" or both. Have you tried calling the police or talking to them about it. I don't know wht else to suggest.

If you feel bad like I do and stuff like that was happening I do not know wht I would do except maybe go to the police if no one else would do anything at work.

I was dxd with FM/ and Chronic Myofiascial Pain syndrome a couple of months ago but have had it all for at least 20 years.

Sorry, I will have to leave you now and fix dinner. At least now it is just DH and I. I used to have 5 kids and a father in law not very health at that. Now I have 8 grandkids. Please know that you are in my prayers and thoughts. Keep me informed. I will try and get back to you later on..

Hoppe you can have a Happyr 4th of July. Try talking to the police about it and see if they can do anything. I really do not know.

Lots of soft hugs,