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Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer

Please do a websearch on "Rene Caisse".

I have personally talked with a man who has been healed from cancer after he was given a six-weeks-to-live diagnosis about 10 years ago. (In another post I accidentally said it was last year) He had liver cancer. He found a book "Canada's Remarkable Cancer Cure, Essiac Tea", found a source to buy it, and began drinking this herbal tea 3 times a day. He said that when he returned to the doctor several months later, that his tests showed no cancer. He's 59 now and works a 12-hour day. He also said that he has not had a cold or the flu since.

Another local lady testified just last week that she had been diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma about 2 months ago and this same man shared his testimony with her and helped her get the herbal tea. She stated that her recent tests show her blood pressure and blood count are back to normal after only 2 months of drinking the Essiac herbal tea.

It's definitely worth considering. It builds up the immune system.

Just type in "Rene Caisse" in your search engine.

God Bless