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Re: please help me breast cancer ,bone and maybe liver cancer

Well, in my previous post, I told you about one cancer survivor that I personally talked to at length and asked a lot of questions, and he shared with me how he contacted the other woman with non-hodgkins lymphatic cancer (as well as did my best friend share with me the story as she knows Linda personally) and how she is also seeing fantastic results in just a few months.

You will always find pros and cons about any subject on the internet, which is to me, very exasperating at times. However, I have read the book and searched every website I could find on the subject and nowhere did I see anything that suggested it was harmful in any way, only beneficial.

Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse, whose own mother was cured, and she personally treated thousands of cancer patients who were sent to her with a written doctor's diagnosis, confirming a diagnosis of terminal cancer, many were told there was nothing else they could do for the patient. She documented these cases and presented them to the medical profession in Canada. All had been cured.

There is just so much information, you must read for yourself and decide if you want to give it a try. In my opinion, as for myself, I would be willing to try it if the doctors had sent me home to die.

I believe God provides simple solutions to a healthy body. Chemotherapy and radiation may stop cancer for awhile but I don't think it has ever cured anyone. It's just been the only course of action that most doctors and patients are familiar with.

Now you have another option to try and it's not dangerous, damaging or debilitating. You won't lose your hair or have your immune system destroyed by taking the Essiac tea. Just the opposite, it will restore your immune system so you can fight disease, colds, flu and allergies.

My husband and I are in our 60's and we've decided to take it to help with treating arthritis and prevent colds and flu. Every time we got a flu shot we came down with a terrible case of the flu, last year we did not take a flu shot and we didn't get the flu. I also have many food and chemical intolerances and am hoping this tea will address these issues also. I'm concentrating on eating healthy and building up my immune system and time will tell if the tea will be beneficial. I will gladly let you know how it turns out.

I realize that arthritis, flu and intolerances don't measure up to the severity of having cancer, yet all are affected by a compromised immune system.

The man who was healed of cancer lives nearby and sells the tea at cost, and will ship it anywhere (for half the cost of any site online) but, unfortunately, we cannot give out personal information for obvious reasons.

I hope this information will help you decide to at least give it a try. BTW, we both like it's taste, even without any sweetener.

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