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Re: So what do you all think?

Hi JLyn,

Welcome to our board. Sorry to hear that you are having a number of problems.

IMO, maybe it's fibro, maybe not. Typical fibro criteria: * pain in all 4 quadrants of the body. * Numerous tender points. * Fatigue. However, there are people with Atypical fibro; maybe you're one.

I encourage you to continue your attempt at diagnostics, however, do not be in a hurry to seek a fibro dx. It's not always helpful, really a garbage-can dx, a default applied to a group of symptoms for which most other causes have been ruled out. (I look forward to those diagnostic tests Robin mentioned.) And once you get the label of fibro, you may find that any new symptoms are simply attributed to it.

A few questions to think about. Number one: 'rough birthing' followed by onset of symptoms. Did you hemorrhage or have heavy bleed postpartum bleeding. Has your pituitary function been tested. (CT & MRI show structure, not function.)

Number two: when did you last have your thyroid antibody levels (3 different ones) tested, and have they been increasing. Hashi's does have different phases with differing symptoms, & autoimmune activity can vary over time. Also, sometimes people get a combo of Graves & Hashi's autoimmune thyroiditis. Some of your symptoms do sound like possibly "mixed" thyroid. And they can wax/wane/flare. Have you had a thyroid ultrasound done recently to check for nodules (very common)? An autonomous nodule mixed with Hashi's is a tricky combo.

Number three: Have you had your free T3 thyroid hormone level checked recently? TSH is neither the most sensitive nor revealing test of thyroid function/dysfunction, particularly once one is on thyroid hormone replacement, and particularly when one is considering a fibro dx. Many folks have pituitary glitches & TSH is a pituitary hormone, making TSH a questionable substitute for more direct assessments of thyroid function.

Best wishes. I hope you let us know how it all turns out.

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