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I've taken two saliva tests and was instructed to perform the test (you do it at home) later in the cycle. I think it was between days 21-25 or something like that. That is when your hormones are supposed to be at their lowest. I'm surprised your gyn did not know that. It seems to be a clue that he/she is not in tune with hormone problems. I use a compounded bioidentical hormone cream that contains estrogen, progesterone and testosterone (I'm low on all) and I take a smaller dose days 1-14 of my cycle, then double it days 15-28. It's been a little hard because for a while my cycles were 45 days! Actually the last couple of months they've been closer to 21-25. So I think that may be an improvement, if you can call it that - ha!

It's very possible since you notice changes on day 7, that is when your hormones start the downhill slide.