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Talking Re: What is new with PPS, and do you have it?

Hi, I am new here also. I been searching for a site for polio and after couple of weeks I found this board... I also am on a few other boards. Let me introduce myself- I am a polio survivor. I was diag. with polio when I was 5, born in 56 - doctors thought I was born with it.

I had polio in my left leg which was shorter and smaller than the other. Like all polio survivors- you blocked it out and always tried to excel in everything you could... I know I pushed myself to limits... About 15 years ago(not really sure) my good leg would go completely numb after walking like around a mall- I would rest a minute and continue- than I would get spasms in that leg-
As time went on I started noticing other symptoms- just blew it off as bad back- doctor said could have tendinitis or arthiritis, etc. now my neck remains stiff most of time and last winter I was cold even inside - especially hands and feet... I also notice my memory has lapsed and I at times ache all over- so I told my doctor I had polio when I was a child- and they look at you like your are nuts...

I need to get tests done, at this time I no longer am working been off since last year with problems so I do not have insurance at the time- but have done research on PPS and just wonder if that is going on...

thank you for this site- I hope you are all well
Janet age - 50( Type A Polio Survivor)

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