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Question About PM and Possible Spotting?

Hi Friends,

I hope this does not sound too gross, I guess not with us all being females going through the same symptoms, right?

I am 46 and full blown peri-m with most all of the symptoms. I have not expereniced the dryness (down there) like some have. Me, I have had right the opposite, a wet discharge, no odor just wettness, some days worse that others.

Recently, I have noticed that my panty will be damp, and later, when it drys it is BLACK. Its not urine, even tho at first I thought that it was urine because often I have a hard time holding my pee when I cough or laugh...but this is NOT urine, it is a discharge that is wet on my panty and drys really dark? could it be blood? spotting?

I am tossing undies in the trash left and right because of this, it wont wash out well.... so, I did buy some panty-liners to help prevent the problem, but was curious if anyone had a clue of why the wetness and why it drys dark?

Thanks so much as always, you folks are a God send for me. Who else could I ask a question like this to!?!

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