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Re: Has anyone talked to their doctor about EMSAM?

Hi jealibeanz,

The problem with MAOIs is that they require the patient to stay away from certain foods, and there's a lot of them. Without sticking to the diet though you can cause your blood pressure to rise, seizures or even death.

The good news about MAOIs is that they are known to be very effective on people who have a treatment resistant condition. So if that's you they maybe worth considering.

My psych wanted me to try MAOIs before, but when I explained that oft times when I'm feeling suicidal I wish I was already taking them so I could binge on the foods I'm not allowed we decided it wasn't a good idea. That's a decision you need to make. The good news is that from what I understand the lower strength patches don't require any dietary changes.

There was a thread a month or so ago called '[whatever] transdermal patches'. Nobody here had anything to say about them then either. At the end though I posted a link to a long thread on another forum. I don't know if the link is still there as I shouldn't have posted it, it should have been an instant ban (stupidly I hadn't read the rules then). You might want to look for it though.

I know that's not much but I hope it helps.