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I had my very first appointment at the Pain Management Clinic this morning. For the past year, I have had increasingly worse pain (muscle achy tension) in my neck. On the pain scale, I am about a 5 every day and it feels like my head weighs about 50 pounds. I've had an MRI which showed DDD, Bulging Discs and some bone spurs. The orthopedic PA I saw, put me on Soma for the muscle tension, which really didn't do much of anything but make me sleepy.

The pain management doctor didn't like Soma and gave me Zanaflex instead. Does anyone here take this and can give me some positive feedback? I was going to search the site and see if I could find anything out about this, but the search feature is turned off right now. I am to start with 2 mgs. daily and increase my dosage from there. I am a big baby when it comes to taking new meds and would like to know what I am in for before I begin taking this. I also have some compounded cream to rub on my neck (which I have no problem doing) and am going to try a steriod injection in my neck to see if that will help.


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