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Re: So what do you all think?

Hi JLyn, my fibro was diagnosed after a "whiplash" type head injury last October. Although I never passed out, apparently the whiplash movement shook my brain and severed neurons which have caused forgetfullness (short term memory), chronic myofascial syndrome, fibromyalgia, tmj, increased IBS, and other gastro problems, nerve pain in all kinds of places, tremors sometimes, increased anxiety and depression, and all the other "junk" that comes with a neurological injury. You have suffered what is termed a mild traumatic brain injury, but you may not have been told that is what brings out the medical issues. I am just now being evaluated again for Post concussion syndrome, and post traumatic stress disorder which has so many of the symptoms you hear associated with fibro.It all is tied in together. I hope you get some relief soon!