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Re: No Hope, No Peace

Hello! I wish you weren't so sad. I have felt that way, too.

You probably already know what you need to do to fight this. You just need a little hope.

As you get better, and you will, you will find that what you are going through is what is going to make you the person that you really are. You have probably never really been that person.

And it will be a much better person. A person who cares, emphathizes, is compassionate. You will be able to recognize this in every person you meet. And you will smile at them in understanding. And you will make a difference in their life. Even in prison. People want someone that understands them.

You have picked yourself apart, you have analyzed everything, your soul is empty. You have the choice to fill it up with whatever you want. You are afforded an opportunity that not that many have.

Don't give up on the drugs. They really can be your friend.

Hope things get better!