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Re: stress test result, how long?


I just had a nuclear stress thest this past March as part of my annual physical. You will most likely not get the final report the same day as they will take xrays of your heart both before and after your treadmill test, which is why it takes 4 hours, and then the cardiologist has to compare the two along with the results of the treadmill test. In my case I had the resting pictures done the day before and an echo on the same day. The amount of time you will run on the treadmill depends on how long it takes you to get up to your targeted heart rate. That is calculated as 220 minus how old you are. They then need you to hit at least 85% of that number. Once you hit that number you will be injected with the tracer and you'll need to run for one more minute. I needed to hit 162 beats per minute which I did in about 4 or 5 minutes on the treadmill and then they let me walk longer so I walked about 7 or 8 minutes, could have gone much longer but they had someone waiting for their test. Be assured, they will stop the test at any time if you feel any discomfort or pain or if you show any symptoms of a problem. Sometimes the tech or cardiologist doing the treadmill part of your test will tell you how well you did on the treadmill , but they need to see the pictures before they can give you the final results.

Right after you get done with the stress part of your test you'll go back to radiology for the xrays after stress. It takes about 15 minutes. I did not feel the tracer as it was injected and I got my results back the next day.

I would make one suggestion, most of the time you'll just get a call from your doctor or cardiologist to tell you your test results, that's what happened to me. I recently had to get a copy of the report for the surgeon who took out my gallbladder in May and when I picked it up I asked her to go over it with me, I wanted to know what all the numbers meant. Make sure they schedule a time for you to sit down with either your doctor or cardiologist and have them explain the results, it will bring much greater peace of mind.

Don't worry about the test, it's a breeze. Good luck.