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sighing/yawning constantly shortness of breath?

I have the yawning and sighing constantly problem. as tho im struggling to get enough air into my lungs to feel a deep satisfying breath. At times i can get the breath's more easily and at times its a struggle.

I just did a methacholine challange test and was diagnosed with asthmatic lungs.
I am upset because i don't feel my medications i got for asthma are helping my frequent sighing and yawning and i have no idea how to tell when to take the asthma medications, or if i have two seperate conditions, or if I don't have asthma, or if I do and this is just part of it and I am not on the right medications... AUGHHHH! When I exercise I get very short of breath and the inhaler seems to help THAT but not my yawning and sighing issue.

Someone please help me I don't know wat to do. I was relieved when I was diagnosed with something other than anxiety finally but I am feeling worried that maybe its still not the answer.

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