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Smile hard painful lymph nodes and now this?

Hello all,
I have MCTD so was thinking that this was just caused by the autoimmune issues... but now...
Let me back up... I have had hard painful lymph nodes for awhile now. Sometimes it is the string under my arm and up into my neck and behind my collarbone. Other times the ones in my groin are that way... sometimes it is all of them... I mentioned it to doc, and he didn't say much, only that they weren't really enlarged, so he wasn't too worried. (I don't see that doc anymore, btw, but haven't mentioned it to other docs because I don't want to seem like I am complaining about nothing...) But--about 3 weeks ago, the lymph nodes in my left groin were hard and painful, and suddenly there was a red streak coming from the node, going down my leg. Not long, but flaming red and going in a definite line about 2 inches. This didn't last long (a few days maybe) but now the lymph nodes in my jaw are so painful it's like I've been eating jawbreakers, the ones under my left arm are super painful, and I feel like I'm getting sick. Could this be nothing? I'm sure it is...
When I look up hard painful lymph nodes on the 'net I find nothing (unless it is combined with "enlarged" and mine really aren't what I would call "enlarged"... they are visible, but not like--huge or anything)... Sometimes when they flare up like this (although this is the first time with the red streak) I get night sweats, too... like now... (I went through a period of time years ago where I got night sweats almost every night for weeks... but now they come for a few consecutive nights but just every once in a few months.)
Thanks for reading
Any suggestions?

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