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Smile Re: hard painful lymph nodes and now this?

Hi DebbieFix,
(I just posted a quick message to you earlier, in a different thread... you are quick!)
I wasn't worried because I had no cuts or anything near or even close to (I think the closest wounds were on my ankles and my arms...) the lymph node with the streak... I just figured it was some strange passing "thang" haha. I'll definitely let doc know... too bad I just cancelled my appt for Friday and rescheduled it for August...
Insofar as the lymph nodes themselves--have you ever heard of just hard painful lymph nodes? Sometimes they just ache... the ones on my spine, behind my knees, in the groin, under my arms, etc... Without them being swollen and squishy? Mine are hard like bone... and very specific edges... but just painful. I asked the one doc that I don't see anymore how they can be this way, and he said, "well, if they get any worse we'll do a biopsy." I don't really know what "worse" means...
Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it.
I usually come to these boards to help and support people, it's a rare thing when I actually ask questions...
Thanks again,