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Re: What is new with PPS, and do you have it?

That sir is a very good question- my understanding is there are not alot of doctors out there- You try maybe a neurologist and make sure they are familiar with PPS- I am in state of NY and I went on line and searched post polio syndrome - the March of dimes should be able to give you some advise- if you have one near you.

My understanding is there is no test to diag. PPS- but tests through blood work and something called an EMG to rule out other diseases. Does your wife have alot of fatigue and new muscle weaknesses?? You can ask a Rhuemy and make sure they also are aware of Polio and after affects- I myself have not been dx'd - I am in between insurances right now.

Let me know the outcome- it is hard for polio survivors to even want to think that this virus could have after affects, I know when I read some of the stuff, I can't even tell you how I felt.. I can't even imagine the kids that were in iron lungs, and wheel chairs and braces- I was luckier, I had more of a milder case. The best thing I read, is you need to preserve to conserve, eat more protein, watch your weight- it can be controlled not cured... But it is not a death sentence.

Good Luck, Best to you

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