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Question Schools & Dyslexia??!!??

Hello All-
There aren't many threads in this section, so I do hope this one will get some resposne from someone who can understand what my son and I are going through.

My son started exhibiting signs of dyslexia when he was in first grade. I knew he was, even though no one else would listen to me. I was told by so many people, even school teachers and counselors that he was just a typical boy, and that boys progress more slowly than girls and he would eventually catch up.

Long story short, I decided to have him tested since the school didn't want to hear me, and I was right. My son is very intelligent, but is dyslexic. He hasn't failed a single grade level and will be going into 7th grade in the fall. I've been fighting with the schools for all these years and we have a Form 504 in place for modifications in school. Most of the teachers do not follow the provisions set forth in our form. This is a legally binding contract, yet every year it's the same fight and numerous trips to the school to try and get things the way they are suposed to be. I do my part at home (and then some) and put numerous hours in with my son, so why can't the school do their part- do what they are paid by my tax dollars to do in the first place?

My son is the one paying the price because when the teachers don't do their part, his grades suffer. I even took my son and had him screened with Dr. Mel Levine's Student Success Centers. He is a specialist in this area. Our school system preaches that they are heavily involved in his programs and even talks about how they are requiring their teachers to become certified/trained in his courses, yet I see nothing to back that up, with the exception of a teacher or two each year who is willing to follow the modifications we have in place. For the most part, the majority of the teachers/principals & counselors I've dealt with are to darn lazy to be bothered with the extra work, don't understand dyslexia and don't seem to be interested in learning anything about it.

I could just bite nails in two I'm so frustrated. I've gotten the school board involved too. If something doesn't change, I will be starting to think it's time to file a formal complaint. Anyone here have any information or even experience with successful ways to get the schools to do their job?? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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