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I woke up a few days ago with severe pain in both my wrists and my right shoulder, so I waited a day or so for the pain to subside and it didn't so I went on in to the doc and was diagnosed with major tendonitis in both wrists and the shoulder. I just can't believe this!! On top of the rest of my pain, now this, and... I thought you had to do something repetively to get tendonitis.

I was really bad about taking my meds before, but now I am taking them like I'm supposed to and honestly they are helping my back and neck pain, but not the tendonitis pain. My wrists are so bad I cannot open my prescription bottles, had to have my husband open all of them for me, and I cannot sleep at all now. I have resorted to trying to sleep in a chair in the living room because of the shoulder. I find myself crying from the pain off and on. Maybe I have hit my breaking point. In all the reading I've done about tendonitis, it's my understanding that it shouldn't last long, thank goodness, but does anybody know of anything that I can do to relieve some of this pain??

Right now, I have tried not using the wrists and shoulder, icing them and taking the meds. I am also using an ointment I found called Bio-Freeze. Even during rest and not moving the shoulder it will start causing immense pain that like I said brings me to tears, so any ideas would be nice. I would also like to know what the heck brought this on???:

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