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Re: Foot pain

Hi Donna,

The sort of pain you describe is typical in plantar fascitis, which is common in both fibro as well as in hypothyroid individuals.

Many people with fibro have undiagnosed, or undertreated thyroid problems. The reason for this is that the majority of MDs, when they ck thyroid at all, order a TSH. The TSH test is for a level of a pituitary hormone, so at best, this is a very indirect measure of thyroid function. The TSH test is one filled with pitfalls & assumptions.

It is much more helpful to have levels of Free thyroid hormones, free T3 & free T4, run. If free thyroid hormone levels are below the halfway mark of the reference range, it is helpful to replenish either or both of the thyroid hormones. It is not uncommon in fibro to find that free T3 is low, and that it fails to improve much with standard T4 meds like Synthroid. In such cases improvement in symptoms can be more substantial with a T4 + T3 hormone replacement regimen, or a combo med like Armour Thyroid.

If your thyroid function is OK, a gel insole in your shoes can help take the edge off of the pain a bit. If you have any foot abnormalities that may be contributing, a podiatrist may be able to make custom orthotics that help with the pain.

Best wishes.