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Re: Driving on Medication

I, too, have had concerns about this very thing! Even though medications (whether narcotics, anti-seizures, antihistimines, etc.) state you should KNOW how they affect you before driving, if you're involved in a crash - especially one that is determined to be your fault - you know the meds are going to become an issue!! You would most definitely have to hire yourself a lawyer that uses medical personnel to explain how people with chronic pain do NOT get 'high', or even get a 'buzz' when taking pain meds. As far as drowsiness though, we ALL know we should NOT get behind the wheel if we're drowsy from our other types of medications like Lyrica, etc.!!!

I can't speak for anyone else, but if I did not take my pain meds and were to attempt to drive, the pain levels I would be experiencing would make me a MUCH more dangerous driver than would the narcotics in my system!!! I've taken narcotics for going on 8 years now, yet still have NEVER had a day that my pain levels went below a 5 (on a 0 - 10 scale). Taking my medicine barely makes me functional and able to be among society now and again. I DO use judgement and try my very best to get appointments at low traffic times, etc. After having someone run a red light two years ago and taking the front of my car with her, I'm also a much more cautious driver as well. This made me SOOO terribly aware that accidents can occur ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, to ANYONE!!! Had I gone when I first got the left turn signal, I'd have been further out into the road, and gotten hit in the driver's door and most likely seriously hurt, if not killed!! Other cars didn't seem too obedient to stop at that red light and I crept out into the road, thank goodness!! The heck of it was, I used the traffic light to exit that shopping center to be *safe*!

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