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Re: Schools & Dyslexia??!!??

I am so sorry to hear of your son's stuggles. I am a teacher in KY and unfortunatley you are right...there are teacher's that do not follow the modifications placed in plans for the individual child. What you need to remember is that you are the parent and you have every right to push for your child to be served correctly. You are right about the 504 plan being a legally binding contract and I think you should pursue a more formal complaint. Teachers should be held accountable for servicing ALL children regardless of their LD's. In KY we have parent advocates that basically serve as an expert that supports the parents rights and they see to it that the plan is carried out or else. I have never worked with one, but I know that in one school I worked in just the threat of an advocate caused a couple of teachers to get it together. Check with your state and see if this is available for you. If not, push the issue anyway. This is your son and you have to see to it that he get's the best education possible..............whether you make waves along the way or not. Good luck!