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Re: Schools & Dyslexia??!!??

B & Claudia-
Thank you both so much for your response to my post. I've been checking back in hopes that someone would respond.

This is such an exhausting thing to deal with each and every year. And, yes, I have made some waves with the schools. I agree- this is my son and his future. He is entitled to receive the best education possible. We live in a small beach community, so there aren't choices of which schools to go to.

I've done so much research and have even offered some of my research to several of the teachers who say they know nothing about teaching a child with dyslexia and they flat out told me they didn't have time to read it. I was shocked! Most of the modifications require the teachers to do very little extra work believe it or not. Most of the extra work is on me. One example- every year, I get a copy of each one of my son's school books. The 504 states that the following weeks lesson plans are to be emailed to me every Friday so I can pre-teach him over the weekend. The teachers do not do it. I call the school and have meetings and am assured this will change but it never does. As stated before, I have even gone to the school board and they sit in on some of the meetings and still- no improvement.

I am truly thankful for the teachers who do put in the effort to follow the 504 and I let them know how much their efforts are appreciated. I know teaching a class full of students isn't an easy job and that our schools really do not provide it's teachers with the resources they truly need, but some of the teachers I've been dealing with are just not willing to do anything extra when it comes to my son and it just breaks my heart. My son deserves better than what he's getting, and all of his teachers always remark about what a nice student he is. Well, why not show him the courtesy and respect he gives you?

If it happens this year, I will not waste time at the school level, I think I will just file a formal proceding against the school as well as the school board. Thank you for the information about the advocate- I am going to look in to that before the school year begins.

Have a nice evening and thanks again.