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Re: Help! My mom is in agony!

Although I am not an expert I have had extensive dental work over the years and it sounds like your mom has dental overload and probably severe tmj from ill fitting crowns. She is right that they need probably to be removed and replaced with something else. You need to search for an extremely experienced prosthedontist with training in tmj or a tmj specialist in your area. It sounds like the the crowns are creating too much pressure or are too closely placed together - a very common occurence from my experience. Its better that the one dr you consulted with backed away becuase this is probably beyond his training - I have met several who would have taken it on just to make $s and then blame the patient when their problem does not get better. You may have to go for several consults with different drs before you find the right one. For now - she should go to a very soft diet - over cooked vegetables, yogurt, Ensure, etc. and should start taking vitamin supplements Also I have seen a place posted here called Affordable Dentures that many members claim to be very good - you may want to try them as well. Good Luck.