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Re: Schools & Dyslexia??!!??

You know, my son has mentioned home schooling to me numerous times. I've actually looked in to it and am seriously considering it. There are a couple of home school groups here where we live, so I've not totally discounted it. I even have the required registration paperwork and am looking in to attending a counseling session and information course about it. My son is already basicallly being taught be me anyway.

My family feels that this isn't a good idea because of the socialization aspect, but seriously, the area in which we live does offer many activities for our youth through parks and rec. He already plays soccer through parks and rec and also takes Karate, and there are even social groups for the home schooled children in our area where they get together for field trips and activities as well. I can promise he won't miss out on socialization. The kids at his school are horrid anyway. Once word of his dyslexia got out, they really took that ball and ran with it. He is tortured by some of these kids.

You know, Kids never acted this bad back when I was in school. They were raised to respect others, and the way things are today- there are so many kids who just don't know what respect is. It's sad.

Thank You Pink. I'm glad you were able to get your kids out of a potentially bad situation and get the homeschooling going. Like I said, that may be something I do with my son. Have a great day!