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Re: Help! My mom is in agony!

What kind of teeth does she have? Individual crowns or the kind I have. I have 8 implants on top and 6 on the bottom. I have a whole piece unit that looks kinda like a denture but no roof on the top. This screws onto the implants. Mine is very beautiful and fits perfectly. My Prosthodontist is 12 hours away from me as I live in West Central Ohio and he is in Fort Washington, PA. I stayed in motels for my procedures. When I had my surgery I stayed for a week and when I got my permanent teeth I again stayed for a week.

On Monday I went in for impressions and such and left and came back 2 days later for my fit. Most often you do this if local in stages but since I lived so far away they hurried for me. On the finished day, this was such a fun day. They put them in and check for the bite. Took them out adjusted them. Put them back in and again took them out. Took all day long. I was there from 8 in the morning and left the office at 3. When I left I had the most beautiful teeth, white, perfect and amazing! They constantly said how does that feel?

You mother paid "big bucks" for her teeth. She has every right to have them be correct! She must complain and insist that they do this right.

I will say however, that after eating somethings I get stuff stuck under them. She needs a water pik, floss, proxie brushes and a soft bristle tooth brush. I also have an Oral B electric tooth brush. If I do not brush them well I have a "clogged" feeling and can't stand not to brush. I even keep a tooth brush in my purse at all times.

My cleaning technique is one that was on a video my Prosthodontist gave me. I first use a water pik, then take a soft childs tooth brush (the head is small and narrow) just wet it and turn it to the side and slide the first row under my teeth. I can feel particles being pushed out on the other side. I do this under all the surfaces then repeat it on the inside. I find I spend more time if I do this sitting on the couch. Once I have cleaned my teeth I return to the bathroom and use Super Floss it has a stiff end that slides under the appliance, then I brush with my electric tooth brush with tooth paste. I do this entire procedure once before bed. The rest of the day I just use the water pik and brush normally unless I feel "clogged" to which the tooth brush technique is used again.

Hope this helps her.

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