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Re: Help! My mom is in agony!

She has temporary titanium crowns that were placed over her abutments, in which her doctor told her that she would need to replace them in a year for the permanent crowns which would be $18,000!!
My mom doesn't have that kind of money, so that is also why she is looking to get "denture retained implants" I think these are like dentures, without the roof, that attach onto the implant. Is this what you have? Can you remove yours anytime you like for a break?
Wow, you must of went through an exhausting period. That is so great that you were satisfied with the outcome. In that case, I guess it is all worth it.
Thanks so much for letting me know the cleaning technique you do. I read this to my mom, and she rushed out to the store to get the floss and all
Do you ever get a clogged feeling when you don't eat? With my mom, no matter what she does, even when she doesn't eat, in between her abutments and crowns still feel clogged.
Thanks so much for all of the advice!