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Mondays doc appt!!!!

Hi all! I am not in a state today you'll be relieved! I had the gp appt today and I guess it went fine. He says my symptoms are not common for fibro!!!! And I know then he does not know as much as we do. All he would have to do is jump on any fibro board and see the list is almost the same! He says fibro pts do not get any numbness, tingling, feet hurting or heavy legs, muscle twitching, bladder control problems, ect.
He also is referring me to a nuerologist to rule out ms. I should be scared by this but have read enough from you all to know many fibro pts have ms ruled out anyway.
That was all really. He wants to see what this huy thinks before we go on. He doesn't think it is microbes, or parasites or anything. But how could he know?????
ANy feedback is always appreciated!
Love and hugs

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