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Re: Soo much pain

We don't know your situation, but you listed some of your medical problems. It sounds like you have a high pain threshold, but if a dr. hasn't figured out what your problem is within a year, I would look elsewhere.

I have a breathing problem that has stumped 3 pulmonary doctors and each one works on me for a period of time, then tells me they don't have a clue. And they usually recommend a specialist of some kind. At least they are honest enough to say they don't know and send me to another doctor. Maybe this is what you need? Or leave town to find someone?

Best wishes to you. Headaches like that must be horrible. Is there a large city close by (if you are not already in a large city)...go shopping. One guy said he went to the Mayo was close to him and he wanted a second opinion.
He got it.