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Just curious...

I went to my gyn (female) for my pap and mamogram. I haven't had a period since November so she is running all the hormone stuff. I know I'm in peri because of this and all the other great stuff that comes with it.

Anyway, the anxiety and not sleeping very good has started up again so I ask if she would write a script for ativan. I was really surprised when she said no she didn't do that. It embarrassed me because it was like I was asking for something bad. I told her I would ask the doc I see for HBP. He had given it to me before because of anxiety when the heart palps started. I very seldom took them at night before bed and never during the day.

It's really no big deal. I know from reading the board that a lot of us take something for anxiety and sleep problems and as I said was just surprised she wouldn't prescribe it.

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