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Re: Help! My mom is in agony!

You hit it right on the nose. I always wondered why temporary teeth even had to be put in, and why just not the permanent ones. My mom is so excited when I read her the responses. She doesn't have the internet, so that is why I am relating it to her.
To answer a question you posted earlier in this thread that I had overlooked, she has a whole piece unit that looks like a denture, with no roof. She doesn't have individual crowns.
See, the only reason she was able to afford these implants was from inheritance she had received from my grandmother.
This total expense with her teeth issue had took her broke.
She is on SSI (Supplemental Security Income)
So, she will not be able to afford the permanent teeth. She doesn't even remember her specialist telling her that she would have to rake up another $18,000 for permanent teeth.
He didn't tell her this until after her surgery was done. She thought what she paid for, that that was it.
So, she has 8 implants on the top and none on the bottom. She wears a partial in place of where her 4 missing bottom teeth should be.
She was looking into getting hybrid dentures that attach to the implants but she is unsure of the cost of that or if that would even solve the problem with her gums constantly feeling "clogged"
Her sister can help her "financially" but only to a certain extent.

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